I would personally like to thank the participants below who were kind enough to offer their personal thoughts about their experiences at The Business Development Group meetings!

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Belding Precision Products Inc.

In today’s fast paced business requirements for multi talented people, the Business Development Group looks at ways that can help sales professionals, architects, accountants, lawyers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs of all kinds help their customers. I attend Stan’s meetings to work some sanity into my dialogue with engineers and administrators. I arrived with a technical discipline and have worked to develop a sensitive side with the assistance of this talented group.

Ray Belding
Belding Precision Products

Dragonfly Enterprises

After many years of participating in Stan's Business Development Group I sincerely appreciate the style and manner in which information is shared to all who participate. I have been introduced to concepts and source knowledge that have helped through more challenging situations than can be recounted here. Understanding how we, as people in business, can interact at a higher level of integrity and core honesty has been enlightening and I find myself in a constant state of gratitude for all that I have experienced in this group with Stan.

Frank Armstrong

Babson College

Stan Sidman and The Business Development Group have been very important to my business, personal, and spiritual growth since the early '90's. The Business Development Group has enabled me to continually ask the question "Why do we do the things that we do?". The answers vary but the concept is the same- we all have different personalities, attitudes and agendas that we encounter in business dealings and in our personal lives. By asking the question, we get to understand how the other parties work and interact in all situations. It is a matter of just sifting through the stuff that really does not matter and getting to the core essence of being-just BEING! This approach has guided me tremendously throughout the years in dealing with clients and donors.

Paul Solano
Class Giving Officer, Former Financial Consultant, Metropolitan Life

D/A Interface, LLC

A Stimulating, Motivating and Refreshing honing of business skills, that's what Stan's Business Development Group brings to the business community. These meetings, sprinkled with humor, are in stark contrast to most of today's business programs that proliferate our environment. By attending several of their monthly meetings, I have found that I personally have gained more insight along with new approaches to problem solving, enhancing relationships, personal and professional, and increasing sales.

James P. Murphy
D/A Interface, LLC


While Stan has an impressive background in sales methods and training, it is his integration of the emotional side of sales with these traditional techniques that takes business development to a whole new level." ... "Stan focuses on the core of what life is about to truly bring any negotiation into perspective." ... "Stan has spent a significant amount of time studying the underlying fundamentals common to all human beings, and he has successfully integrated this into a 'whole life' approach to business development" ... " Stan looks at material often regarded as 'out there' but typically jam-packed with great ideas and real content." ... "This is not your typical business development group!" ... "While sometimes a bit 'out there' or right on the edge in terms of what is spoken at typical business groups, Stan brings learning through a mystical and spiritual perspective to his group meetings." ... "Everyone seems to walk away and say 'wow, Stan is a great guy.' -- but did you ever stop and wonder how he does it? Come to the meetings and y ou'll catch a glimpse of how you can have the same effect yourself." ... "Stan uses the fundamental laws of the universe in sales techniques for growing business." ... "Watch, listen, learn, and be nothing short of amazed."

Brian Smith

David Liberman, M.D., President, Computer Trust Corp

Tel: 617 - 557 - 9264

I am writing you to commend you on the invaluable contribution your group has made to our medical software business, and to me personally.

As you know, when I joined your group several years ago, I was quite skeptical about whether your group would be relevant to me and my business, because my business is so different from any other: our software product is highly technical, and our sale is consultative, informational, and we often sell to large laboratories and hospitals with committees and red tape. Also, I find most behavioral approaches to be touchy - feely and irrelevant.

Since joining your group, I have found that, through the behavioral focus I learned from you, I am more successful in all aspects of sales, support, management, as well as interpersonal relationships apart from the business world.

Because of the ongoing nature and continuous support offered by attending your group regularly, managing and developing business is now easier, more fun, more relaxed, more profitable, and less daunting than ever before.

Recently, I presented to a group of physicians, and the chief of the department insulted my product to my face. Naturally, I was hurt and angry, and I saw my investment of time with this prospect, vanishing into puffs of air. In spite of all this, I used the techniques you taught me to understand and draw out and channel the decision-maker’s fears into a commitment to work with us.

I am happy to recommend your group to colleagues who can truly appreciate the value of tapping into a highly talented and truly diverse group on a continuous basis..

David Liberman, M.D.,


I always look forward to attending Stan's group for three reasons. First, in the beginning of the meeting Stan offers networking with a great group of diverse professionals. Second, Stan provides the opportunity for all of the attendees to help one another with business issues and challenges that they are facing. It is magical to see the solutions offered through a collective effort. Third, he always shares deep and profound wisdom to the group that allows us to see things from a new and meaningful perspective. I highly recommend Stan Sidman, his Business Development Group, and his consultative services.

David Gilman
President - Cognito

Gerald J. Robillard & Co., Inc.

The Business Development Group, founded by Stan Sidman, is a very unique proposition. Unlike the traditional sales and referral groups that are available, Stan Sidman brings a new and fresh perspective to the art of selling. A motivator, thinker, and free spirit, Stan's focus on non-traditional and behavioral aspects of selling have helped me considerably in the development and success of my business.

These are difficult times that require innovative thinking and direction. Stan Sidman and The Business Development Group offer these values and more.

Gerald J. Robillard, CPA, MBA, President


The Business Development Group helped me put my passions into action. I was a teacher, a director, a small business owner, and a mom. After becoming extremely ill, I went to the Business Development looking for inspiration.

Thanks to my dad, Stan Sidman, and the wonderful participants in this group, I am now the Executive Director of a successful non-profit organization that has helped thousands of individuals! The Business Development Group allows for both personal growth and of course, business development.

 I recommend this group to others looking for an open-minded environment in which you challenge complex issues of today.

Robin Organ-Executive Director/Founder
Greenschools, a non-profit organization

Marge Kunian, President Associated Promotion International and Marketing, Inc.

Tel: 617 - 266 - 6699

Thank you for the privilege of being a part of your Business Development Group. Having been a member for a while, I now realize how invaluable the many lessons that I have learned truly are.

The diverse audience that your group attracts seems to allow growth that I never thought possible. So many new concepts, so many ways of handling behavioral issues have enabled me to understand the necessity of this kind of interchange in dealing with my clients.

It is most unusual to feel so comfortable in a group like this. Everyone seems to simply express their problems and the solutions are all forthcoming. Incredibly, after you listen to all the approaches, you always come up with “the” solution. It always seems to be the perfect one and so easily stated.

Again, thank you for your initial call. I never thought that I would actually look forward to each meeting - so colorful, so humorous, so valuable.

Marge Kunian,

Therra Torr Medical Inc.s

In addition to business, Stan's meetings explore the surprisingly untapped and very much needed area of the person's body and the soul.
Tim Moutafis
Thera Torr Medical Inc.

Wizard Associates

The Business Development Group is one of the most interesting business groups with which I've been affiliated. The BDG has a diverse membership, representing a wide range of businesses in services, manufacturing and R&D.

 The meetings offer attendees the opportunity to network and, also, to learn about the companies represented in the room. Although this may sound like just any networking group, we "learn" by helping participants solve current problems and deal with an array of business development  issues.

We also learn from a variety of philosophers, business people and others through their writings, highlighted and discussed at the meetings. The topics we're covering at the BDG meetings are helping us prepare for the future and the advent of right-brain thinking and business with a soul.

Sally Willard
Contract Consultant, Biotech Start-Up, Business Development
T: 617-868-1165

Dear Stan,

I am very happy being in your group. My involvement with such people is something I
always wanted and was pretty sure I would never find.

My profession in the sciences has taken me from research in the academic setting
as well as research in the federal government under the Veterans Administration into
industry to include the role as Scientific Liaison between Ciba Corning Diagnostics
and Novartis Pharmaceutical Division and also Staff Scientist for both Ciba Corning
Diagnostics and Chiron Diagnostics. Of recent, I have pursued business
development for start-ups and also for a personal scientific goal for self development.

I am very aware of the importance of your Business Development Group in
light of my first-hand experience in the many roles I have fulfilled in varied and
different places in my career. My words will sound minor in comparison to the actual
value of your group, but I will attempt to summarize my thoughts anyway.

Yes, I am very happy in your group. The meetings encompass facts to gain
knowledge regarding the needs/requirements to develop business and the meetings
also clearly demonstrate the importance/value of these same needs in life itself.
There is a comfortable atmosphere to talk to one another and I do not ever see one
of us talking down to another. It is great and extremely beneficial for me to be able
to listen and talk about these important matters in such an environment..

These words are not adequate to truly express the value of your group.

Ann Morello Ph.D.