Our next scheduled meeting occurs on
August 6th

At McLane Middleton Law office meeting room
 located at Suite: 7600......
At The Cummings Trade Center


August 6 September 10
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Each meeting gives you the opportunity to................

Network amongst a diversified and talented cast of participants.

Discuss business development issues........ many of which are brought up by attendees. Both Entrepreneurs and/or those developing business for another will benefit greatly from this dialogue.

Explore ideas not addressed elsewhere that will challenge your belief system about increasing business as well as empowering yourself.


After networking we will be looking at ideas expressed in........

the book, "The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers" by Annie Kagan. If this sounds like a strange book, it because it is but more philosophically enlightening rather than truly strange. When we hear about things we are not familiar with, we call them strange even though they might be profound. :-) This book is profound!!

First let me explain why I am bringing such a book to the Biz-Dev Group. People whom I have met and whom I consider holistically successful excel in more than one area. Perhaps they play a musical instrument well or a particular sport. Maybe they have an appreciation for fine wines or the arts or crafts and this is all in addition to their in depth understanding of their businesses, hence a holistically broad view of the universe rather than the myopic viewpoint that one can attain by limiting their interests selectively to their business space. Sadly, this is where many of our brightest students wind up after attending some of our top rated business schools with advanced degrees, bright at the logistics of business but mildly unconscious as to the peripheral but yet so important other areas.

I became curious as to the concept of past lives decades ago as some very bright folks with whom I had come into contact with were discussing this subject. Because I never gave it any thought, I never gave this area of understanding any credibility. Then as I ferreted out information from some of the brightest minds I could find, my acceptance to past life understanding totally changed. And yes, it has had a profound impact on my life.

The common reason I have heard over the years as to why past life understanding makes no sense is that no one has come back to tell us, not even the great Houdini after many thought he would after making this promise. This book, which my brother who has a skeptical MIT mind brought to me in the hospital when I had my procedure done recently, knew "Billy Fingers," as he was called, as did I. My brother was friendly years ago with his wife who was a gifted therapist and ran spiritual workshops from her Manhattan apartment, one of which I attended with my brother. I can now say "I knew of" and my brother can say "he knew" someone, "Billy Fingers," who transferred information from the "other side." And such information was authenticated by leaders in their respective fields which I will touch on during this meeting.

I bring ideas that push us to the edge in our thinking at our group meetings because this kind of process opens our minds to new concepts as well. Those in business who are blocked from processing information that they are not familiar and/or comfortable with or don't understand, are limited in terms of accepting new ideas. That's why some participants struggle in the beginning with what we do as it shocks our consciousness until we can comfortably put our biases aside to open ourselves to new learning/information. It ain't easy... :-) ....but it is fun and entertaining and not available elsewhere.

This meeting will present levels of hope and new meaning for your lives in ways that you may not have previously experienced or expected and will literally add a "different dimension" :-) to your business meetings.

Please join us for a "truly unusual meeting!!"

Remember.........many guests at our meetings constantly say that we cover fascinating insights that help them significantly in the world of "business development"........and "personal empowerment" and that they have not heard any meetings! And may bring ONE guest.


Take Route 128/95 to Woburn, MA

Cut off highway at Exit 35 heading towards Wilmington
Exit rotary at Rt. 38 - Wilmington
Take 1st left at light into shopping plaza
continue bearing left to Cummings Trade Center
Building 300 (Middle Bldg.) - Free parking in garage
Take elevator in lobby to 7th floor - SUITE: 7600
McLane Middleton Law Office - Conference Room