Several years ago, when my company moved me to their Wall Street office as an institutional broker selling to large clients in Dallas, Houston and Galveston, I was trained by a securities analyst whose training was encyclopedic in scope but left me feeling that something was wrong.

The problem was simply that I was a walking computer, which I figured out early on, was beneficial to the understanding of a company but not in terms of reaching my prospective clients at a meaningful level.

Because of this background, I vowed then that if I were ever to develop people in some form of business development program, it would have to be a “whole brain” process. It would mean that we would have to develop the left side of the brain with product knowledge and the right side with the people skills to allow the transference of whatever products/services you represent efficiently.

Since I have been so committed to this space, I went on to become a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). As a result, I bring to this group not just the technical business skills to advance your businesses/professions but also the people skills to allow you to connect with your prospects at business meetings in ways you will find that are far more powerful and meaningful than would otherwise be the case.

Join us once and you'll quickly see the difference with this kind of training.

Stan Sidman
The Business Development Group