The Business Development Group, which I started back in 1986, was originally focused on sales development. I later found that sales training by itself was not adequate in that it failed to address the "whole human being" or the total human dimension. It also did not assist us in operating at "peak performance levels."

Having been on a personal journey for years in terms of understanding life's issues and how business problems are integrated into this space, I decided to shift the focus of the group a while back. This does not marginalize in any way the sales arena but enhances its importance by using it as a catalyst to allow us to become more complete and better performing human beings.

The training we now offer and have for years presents something that many have said is not available in other groups around the country. Having worked with professionals of all kinds, ie., entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, software developers, attorneys, CPAs, sales and marketing execs, etc., I have seen an extraordinary need for this type of training. The reason is that it strengthens the core of attendees allowing them to constantly grow and become the best they can be regardless of focus, background, previous training, education or disciplines followed. Parts of the training are similar to that used by professional athletes to establish "peak performance" levels.

FEEL FREE TO COME AS OUR GUEST to experience a different, more powerful and long lasting type of training which allows us to maintain our sense of homeostasis/equilibrium regardless of the difficult circumstances to which we are all subjected on a continuous basis.

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